Hiking the Mont Blanc trail

I have chronicled in photos and words each day of the journey my son Emile and I took in July of 2017 to hike the Mont Blanc circuit through France, Italy and Switzerland. It was one of the great experiences of a lifetime.

The Mountains

Tour du Mont Blanc, Part 1: Unofficial Beginning

Tour du Mont Blanc, Day 2: More cowbell

TMB Part 3: Col du Bonhomme

TMB: Pause and reflect

TMB Part 4: Fear and Wonder

TMB Part 5: Loss and gain

TMB part 6: A feast for the senses

TMB Part 7: Weathering dilemmas

TMB Part 8: All things bovine

TMB Part 9: Peak experience

TMB Part 10: The Hustle

TMB Part 11: The ladders and beyond

TMB Part 12: Last Day

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